Morlando Crane
Proudly Serving North Carolina for 21 Years


MORLANDO CRANE is pleased to offer crane services customized to fit your every need. Our operators are specialized in several areas, including:


COMMERCIAL: We provide commercial lifting of industrial HVAC units, trusses, plant work, tanks, boilers, electrical equipment, roofing, steel erection and more.



To date, our company has completed dozens of projects in industries such as:

  • Heating & Air-Conditioning Installation
  • Pool Installation
  • Housing
  • Framing
  • Glass Installation
  • Construction
  • Modular Home Lifting/Setting


Safe, Quality Crane Service



  • 28T Boom Truck Rental
  • 35T Boom Truck Rental
  • 50T Hydraulic Crane Rental
  • 60T Hydraulic Crane Rental
  • 70T Hydraulic Crane Rental
  • 75T Hydraulic Crane Rental
  • 90T Hydraulic Crane Rental
  • 110T Hydraulic Crane Rental


*Additional size variations are available. Please contact us for availability and pricing quotes.